What is the Watchlist?

Real Time Booking Alerts

GotBusted collects arrest and booking data 24 hours a day 7 days a week and stores it on our secure servers. When you are given access to the system you have the option to add a specific person of interest to your "watchlist". If that person of interest is incarcerated in a watchlist supported correctional facility, you will be alerted with a text message and an email. These alerts include the persons full name, charges, bond amount, mugshot, and the facility where the individual is incarcerated.

Real Time Booking Alerts

How does it work?

First sign in or register for an account. Once logged in, simply click the "Add to Watchlist" button under any mugshot to add that person to your watchlist. You can also click the "Add to Watchlist" link in the navigation menu to input any person of interest you wish to monitor. Once this person is booked in jail our servers will send you an email and/or text message notifying you of the arrest. You will also be notified on the persons release from jail.


How fast do I receive the alert?

Within minutes of your person of interest being booked into county jail, you will receive the alert. Our servers monitor bookings 24/7 and are near real-time!

Real Time Booking Alerts

Why monitor jail bookings & releases?

Perhaps you have been victimized by someone and would like to know when they are booked or released from jail so you can get to your safe place. Maybe you were the victim of a crime and would be at ease knowing when the perp was off the street, or aware that they were back on the street!

Maybe you wish to monitor your close friends and relatives in case they are missing. Most people start with calling jails and hospitals. This service will eliminate one of those steps.

Maybe you run a business that requires drivers with a clean record. You may wish to be notified if any of your employees have been booked on a DUI.

Whatever the reason, this tool allows you to get the job done cheap and easy!


Do you guarantee this service?

Yes! We do guarantee that the service works, it's very reliable and has been tested for many years before its public release. This service is guaranteed to service Mobile Metro Jail and Baldwin County Jail in Alabama. We DO NOT guarantee that you will receive an alert for the correct person of interest 100% of the time.

For example, you added "John Smith" to your Watchlist with no other information about his sex, race or age. John Smith being a common name may render unwanted or unreliable alerts from people who are not "Your John Smith." We send you a mugshot along with the alert to help you determine if he's "your guy".

It helps to provide as much info as possible when adding someone to your watchlist to prevent false alerts. See our Terms and Conditions for more info on what we guarantee or otherwise do not.